Sports Massage

In need of a good Sports Massage? Our guys are the best, they have literally had the countries sporting elite in the palms of their (considerably strong) hands!

Their kneading, rolling, stretching and pummelling has brought life back to many a tired runner, invigorated fatigued desk jockey’s, and soothed the knots, aches and pains of creaky injured citizens.

Sports Massage is a deep tissue treatment and although it can be relaxing it isn’t a whale music and smelly candles experience. But a Sports Massage is super effective at relieving pain from injury, improving recovery from exercise and competition, relaxing knots in your back and tight, tired and stressed muscles and improving the condition of muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Our team are all versed in the most advanced Sports Massage techniques; also they are more than just Sports Masseurs. They are all Sports Therapists so you can feel confident that they have the knowledge and experience to deal with anything your body ‘throws at them’ and the skills to ensure that you feel better sooner.

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