Lee Petrucci

Lee Petrucci

Clinical Director

Lee first plied his trade as a ‘fresh faced’ therapist in the football league nearly two decades ago!  And, in what seems like several lifetimes, has toiled to develop a ‘standalone’ brand of treatment and patient care that’s just a little bit different from the norm. Which as it happens, has proved pretty successful. At our last count over 5000 clients had successfully passed through his hands!

He has worked with players from the Football League, football Conference and Non-League teams. He was 1st team therapist and head of the medical team at Blue Square Premier Division’s Histon Football Club for 11 seasons, has lectured anatomy and physiology for CUMA at Cambridge University and for the Coaches Association and the FA, and works with the beneficiaries of The Injured Jockeys Fund developing the care and treatment of those with spinal injury. There are probably very few injuries that he hasn’t seen and treated in most people from armchair dwellers to ultra-distance athletes.

He also has an ever so slightly obsessive passion for treating Tendon injury (everyone has a vice!!) and has become well known for offering  a simple and effective approach to often-complex injuries and problems, as he’ll tell you Albert Einstein once said ‘If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough’.

As well as coming up with hair brain ideas to promote the clinic (ask him about the crutches amnesty!) Lee heads up The Sports Injury Clinic team from our HQ.


We had a fantastic experience with Lee for my daughter’s initial meeting, it really gave her positive feelings towards her Read More…

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