Calum Shaw Sports Therapist

Calum Shaw

Sports Therapist

Calum was sent to Coventry (not in the sense that no one spoke to him)… that’s where he studied Sports Therapy! Having honed his skills in the sporting arena and in private practice means Calum has been able to provide the solutions to a whole host of injuries, from aching ankles and knocked knees to niggling neck pain, but has particular expertise for shoulder and neck injury.

He has chanced his arm at many sports over the years…. football, athletics, cricket, swimming and golf, but took a particular shine to Rugby which he started playing at the age of 14. He has played for Cambridgeshire County, Coventry University 1st and also had the pleasure of playing against the Finnish national side. They won the game and he scored (not sure if Finland has a strong Rugby heritage, but we’ll let him have that one!) and now plays for Shelford where he also uses his therapeutic skills to keep the battered and bruised players on the pitch and injury free. He has also mentioned that he is going to train for an Iron Man competition, you heard it here first!

We understand Calum once worked in an ice cream factory, we have good sauces!! So if he advises ice treatment, make sure you get a flake!!

You will find Calum working hard at our Cambridge Clinic.


I’m really pleased to have something to work on to improve my running and hopefully avoid injuries! Thank you for Read More…

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