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Charlotte Musson

Sports Therapist

Charlotte is another one who was sent to Coventry!! (The University of course) and graduated with flying colours with a degree in Sports Therapy!

As well as plying her skills to many a broken athlete, weekend warrior and desk jockey She also worked with Leicester Lions Rugby Club keeping the burly boys on the pitch. Someone had to do It!!

She has a passion for injury rehabilitation and says she is always on the lookout for new ideas, so expect some creative rehab, resistance bands and balancing on a BOSU anyone?

Her main hobby is horse riding, which she has done from age of 6 and competes regularly in show jumping, dressage and working hunter.

She is also interested in rider and equine therapy and biomechanics, and how a rider can influence the horse. Her dissertation on FMS (Functional Movement Screening) of rider finding imbalances and seeing how they influenced a horse’s gait.

We may be a little way off of hay nets and stabling facilities at our clinics, but if you got broken on your horse Charlotte is your girl!

Running is another passion of hers (fitting it in around horsey commitments)

A very hard working, practical and fun member of the team (always has us in stitches at team meetings) with a can do attitude.

Oh, she is also the current reigning Champion of the Sports Injury Clinic Bake off. She has the spoon to prove it!!


Many thanks for the appointment this morning. I arrived at my first appointment with my back in great pain and Read More…

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